Team Fundraising Program

Easily sell quality and affordable team gear online with built-in fundraising!

How it works

  1. 1. We work with you and help you create amazing looking apparel for your team and your supporters.
  2. 2. We create a Free Online Store for you. Your items are sold with a built-in fundraising amount per item chosen by you!
  3. 3. You email the store link to your community so they can order their gear. Every purchase generates money for your team.
  4. 4. We produce everything for you and have it at your door within 4-6 Weeks.
  5. 5. We send you a check for the amount you made during the fundraiser!


  • – The store stays open for a set amount of time. Once the store is closed, all items are created.
  • – Money is collected upfront by credit card online like any other e-commerce store.
  • – We bundle all orders separately which saves you the hassle of trying to figure out who ordered what!
  • – All orders are shipped to (1) location.
  • – We add an additional $.99 to each item to cover shipping and handling.
  • – We require a minimum of 10 of each item in order to go into production.
  • – If your team has not met the minimum on each item on the site we can either reopen the site, refund orders or the coach can place a bulk order to meet the minimums.

Sample Store

Tips for to make your fundraiser a success

  • – Make sure your team and supporters understand buying from your store helps support and fund the team.
  • – Set a date range and stick to it! Keeping the store open too long or extending the closing date can anger people that purchased gear early. Remember, all gear is made after the store is closed so keeping a store open too long can cause a delay in production and delivery of the apparel.
  • – Communicate with your team supporters. Make sure they know how to get to the store and what time frame to expect their gear.
  • – Don’t have too many designs on the site. Each item must have a minimum of 10 purchases to be able to go to production. Having too much variety of design options can cause these minimums to be missed.


Contact Us

Ready to get started or have more questions? We are available by phone Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm (Eastern Time) at 815.708.8280 or fill out the form below. We respond to every request as quickly as we can. Thank you!