Go Earn It For Life

Go Earn It is an attitude that nothing in life worth having is given. It takes dedication, sacrifice, and hard work to reach your goals in wrestling. Success in your education, your career, and your personal life require the same principals. The training and mind-set of a wrestler transcends the sport into life beyond the mat.

My Sport. My Lifestyle. My Brand.

Wrestlers work extremely hard on the mat and are required to live very disciplined lives off the mat. Our clothing is designed for the durability and toughness wrestlers need while training and competing, and the GO EARN IT brand represents the lifestyle of this unique group of athletes.

The Start of Go Earn It.

Growing up as a wrestler, and now as a coach, I understand that attitude, work-ethic, and the right mindset create champions; in other words it must be EARNED. But it was an event closer to home that first drove me to create the GO EARN IT brand. The foundation of the company began in January 10, 2011 when my brother Kevin called me on his way to hospital. At the age of 33 he was having a heart attack.

He weighed 300 pounds and his unhealthy lifestyle had finally caught up with him. After leaving the hospital that night, and getting a second chance, he decided to change his life forever. Kevin has a supportive family but I told him the only person who truly has control over his own success is the man staring back at him in the mirror.

He had a long road of sacrifice, set-backs, and pain ahead of him. He was going to have to earn that healthy body. So I told him stay focused on his goal and to Go Earn It. Today, Kevin is a healthy and active 175 pound family man and determined never to go back to his previous lifestyle.